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Luck Law — Criminal Defense In Central Alabama And Statewide

Terry LuckTerry Luck is a seasoned litigator with over 21 years of experience. We routinely handle cases in Montgomery, Elmore, Autauga, Pike, Macon, Dallas and Lee counties, but we also handle select cases across Alabama and Georgia, in state, city and federal court. He has represented people charged with crimes throughout the state and in federal court on charges from misdemeanors and traffic violations to multimillion dollar federal criminal conspiracies. He has tried cases where the United States Government has used vast resources to investigate and build cases against his clients. You need an attorney who is comfortable with presenting your whole truth, and nothing but the truth to a jury so that you have the best opportunity to hear "Not Guilty."

Terry Luck has handled a wide spectrum of criminal cases from traffic tickets to capital murder and serious drug offenses to white collar charges. We provide a coordinated criminal defense plan for charges of:

  • Murder and robbery
  • Assault and harassment — including domestic violence and stalking
  • Theft and burglary
  • Shoplifting, bad checks, auto theft
  • Drug crimes — possession, transporting, trafficking
  • DUI (drugs or alcohol) — first offense, repeat offenses, aggravating factors
  • Misdemeanor crimes — disorderly conduct, underage drinking, larceny
  • Federal crimes — conspiracy, fraud, firearms, identity theft, tax fraud
  • Sex crimes — rape, solicitation of minors, sexual abuse

You Only Have ONE CHANCE To Hear 'Not Guilty'!

Whether you are facing serious prison time, are concerned about having a criminal record or about losing your job or reputation, whether it is a serious felony or misdemeanor, we have the knowledge and experience to help achieve the best results for you.

We are prepared to fight the charges — whatever the allegations. Winning your case is our top priority. In this approach, we believe that we position our clients for the most favorable outcomes. When nothing less than "not guilty" will do, you deserve to give yourself the best chance of hearing those words.

Contact Terry Luck immediately for skilled and aggressive representation if you or a family member is in trouble with the law.

About Terry Luck

Terry Luck has litigated and handled cases involving millions of dollars in dispute. He has tried cases where the client has had the deck stacked against them and he has won those cases for his clients. If you are represented by a billboard or TV lawyer, contact Terry Luck to clean up their mess and manage an aggressive defense.

Areas Of Practice

Terry knows that to get the best possible outcome for an injured client is to be prepared and have the experience present the case to a jury and win. Only then will the defense attorneys and insurance companies know that they need to settle the cases when Terry is involved. Find out more about the types of cases Terry Luck accepts.

Terry's Helpful Tips

It is frightening to be placed under arrest or questioned by police. It is intimidating to stand up for your rights. You have so much at stake. You deserve an experienced defense lawyer who will fight to protect your rights. Terry Luck has assembled some very useful tips and articles to help you when you are faced with important legal decisions.