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Family Law in Alabama

Posted by admin at 8:00 AM on May 1, 2019


Family Law in Alabama

Family law is an area of legal practice that involves family relationships, such as adoption, divorce, child custody and child support, as well as others. Attorneys who practice family law represent clients in family court and in related negotiations. Some family law attorneys specialize in certain areas of family law, such as adoption, paternity or emancipation. States have the right to regulate the requirements for marriage within that state, as well as the procedures for getting a divorce and other family law matters.

Most family attorneys represent clients in divorce proceedings, but family law encompasses a wide area of practice, including issues with foster care and reproductive rights. All family law matters hit close to home, so it is very important to have an attorney that knows the nuances of family law in your state.


Probably the most common form of family law, divorce has become more and more frequent in today's world. Each person needs to hire an attorney in a divorce. It is ill-advised that either person represent themselves in any legal matter including a divorce. Divorce attorneys are instrumental in settling a divorce without going to trial. if a divorce goes to trial, the court makes the decisions in what matters in the divorce, which may not be as beneficial to both parties.

Divorce attorneys are usually skilled at dividing martial assets. If children are involved, divorce attorneys can help with devising a plan for custody, visitation and support. These issues can be revisited as circumstances change. This is another reason to use an attorney that is well-versed in your state's laws as it pertains to divorce and child custody.


Most paternity cases are filed by a mother who is trying to get the child support owed by an absent father. But occasionally these cases may be filed by a father who is trying to have a relationship with a child that he may have not been aware of in the past. Paternity is usually determined through DNA testing, but may be determined through other means.

Adoption/Foster Care

Adoption may be the best aspect of family law. Adoption is a complex process and is different almost every time depending on the type of adoption, where the child is from, state adoption laws and other aspects. It's very important to consult an attorney to help you through the adoption process. Foster parents may adopt their foster children, but the process to be become a foster parent is not as complex and may not require legal representation.


Whether you're adopting a child or getting a divorce or are trying to enforce a child support order, you need a good attorney in your corner that knows family law in your state. You should not try to represent yourself in any family law case. You need a professional to help you.

If you find yourself needing a trustworthy lawyer for a family law case, Terry Luck is here for you. When you want honest, hard working, hard fought representation, you need Luck. Terry Luck will vigorously represent you, asserting your rights and your defenses and put you in the best position to win your case. Terry Luck's office is located in Montgomery, Alabama. Call today 334-262-5455.

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