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Whether you are facing serious prison time, are concerned about having a criminal record or about losing your job or reputation, whether it is a serious felony or misdemeanor, we have the knowledge and experience to help achieve the best results for you.

State Criminal Defense Attorney Services Montgomery, ALCriminal Defense In Central Alabama And Statewide

 We routinely handle cases in Montgomery, Elmore, Autauga, Pike, Macon, Dallas and Lee counties. Terry Luck has represented people charged with crimes throughout the state and in federal court on charges from misdemeanors and traffic violations to multimillion dollar federal criminal conspiracies. He has tried cases where the United States Government has used vast resources to investigate and build cases against his clients. You need an attorney who is comfortable with presenting your whole truth, and nothing but the truth to a jury so that you have the best opportunity to hear "Not Guilty."

Our Goal Is To Win Your Case

When you hire a lawyer, you are hoping to hear "not guilty." When we take on a case, that is our frame of mind, too. Our proactive involvement has resulted in bail reductions, successful motions to suppress evidence, dismissal of charges and even convincing prosecutors not to file charges in the first place. Terry Luck has defended thousands of people charged with violating the law. He has actively pursued and obtained Not Guilty verdicts for his clients. Wallace maintained a contract with a Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge for many years and was successful in fighting for and protecting his clients. Terry Luck knows that it is paramount that his clients know the process that they are going to go through when they are charged with a crime, the possible outcomes and the risks associated with the case so that he can make sure that the weaknesses of a persons case will be dealt with and there will be a successful outcome. He knows how to marshal the evidence to present the case to the jury so that they know the full story of the case, not just what the investigator or police officer says. If you want to have competent and skilled attorneys to defend your case, please call and set an appointment with Terry Luck.

If your case goes forward, we are prepared to go all the way to trial if the facts are favorable or if you simply cannot afford the consequences of a conviction. Of course, we can also help you with diversion programs, restitution, plea agreements and other possible resolutions. Our goal is to give you options and the information you need to make a sound decision. Terry Luck had the contract with the City of Montgomery and also with a Montgomery County Circuit Judge defending those persons that were charged with a crime and could not afford to hire their own attorney. He knows firsthand how overwhelmed a person can feel when they need someone to protect them when they are charged with violating criminal laws. He has tried DUI cases, capital murder cases, murder cases and thousands of other cases. Terry has defended lawyers charged with crimes and he can use his experience and vast knowledge of criminal laws to defend you against the State of Alabama or the United States of America.


Bringing over twenty-one years of trial experience, Terry Luck is a seasoned trial lawyer, with an accomplished background in personal injury cases and cases involving serious criminal charges.  When it matters in the courtroom, you need Luck, Terry Luck.

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